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Articles in the Polish version

K.M.Ciałowicz, Dziesięć lat badań na Wzgórzu Kurczaka

M.A.Jucha, Tell el-Farcha i rozwój kontaktów handlowych Egiptu - od V do początku III tysiąclecia p.n.e.

Articles in the English version

M.Chłodnicki, K.M.Ciałowicz, Seventy Years of Polish Archaeology in Egypt - exhibition catalogue

K.M.Ciałowicz, Gazelles and ostriches from Tell el-Farkha

K.M.Ciałowicz, From the Residence to Early Temple: the Case of Tell el-Farkha

J.Dębowska-Ludwin, Works at the necropolis - season 2004

P.Kołodziejczyk, Lower Egypt in modern research on state formation in Egypt

G.Pryc, Stone vessels from Tell el-Farkha

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