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The most important discoveries made in 1998-2008

  • the largest known houses of the Lower Egyptian culture - the oldest architectural tradition in Egypt discovery (koms W and C)
  • a Naqadian dignitary residence - the largest predynastic building (kom W)
  • a cult building (the so-called shrine) of Dynasty 1 period (kom W)
  • the oldest brewery known in the region (kom W)
  • the oldest monumental Egyptian mastaba (kom E)
  • dwelling structures (koms W, C and E)
  • silos and magazines (kom C)
  • single and multichamber tombs (kom E)
  • a round structure with a chequered pattern on its floor of an unknown function (kom E)

  • Golden figures of a ruler and his son - the oldest Egyptian representations of a presently unknown king (kom E)
  • Bone figurines of people and animals from the so-called shrine deposits - unique objects ranged among the most beautiful examples of art of the formative period in the history of Egyptian state (kom W)
  • Decorated pottery rattles from the so-called shrine deposit (kom W)
  • A necklace with a gold plated pendant found in a girl grave (kom E)
  • A necklace of gold and semi-precious stones - the oldest example from the Nile Delta
  • Jewellery (bracelets, pendants and beads) of Dynasty 1 period
  • Decorated seals impressions with the oldest signs of the hieroglyphic script

  • The Lower Egyptian and Naqadian cultures vessels as well as examples dated to Dynasties 1-4
  • Vessels with potmarks
  • Vessels with partially preserved serekhs and early hieroglyphic signs
  • Imported vessels of the Upper Egyptian origin
  • Imported Palestinian vessels
  • Miniature vessels made of pottery and stone from the so-called shrine deposit

    Other objects
  • Cosmetic palettes
  • Mace-heads
  • Tools made of copper and bone
  • Bone arrow-heads
  • Bones of numerous domestic and wild animals
  • Seeds and remains of numerous cultivated and wild plats

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